Dollhouse needlepoint rectangular Stool kit, Strawberry Thief

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Suitable for those with a little stitching experience.

The kit includes 32 count silk gauze, a colour block chart, detailed instructions, Anchor stranded cotton, a suitable needle, foam pad, and the whitewood rectangular stool pieces, which are simple to put together using wood glue. Prior to fitting the foam pad in place, the wood can be varnished with an interior varnish of your choice.

Style: William Morris (late Victorian).

Based on the famous wallpaper and fabric motif of William Morris, this Arts and Crafts design would look great alongside the needlework stand design of the same name. Stand the two of them on the ‘Veronica’ blue and cream carpet, and the vignette is complete!

Dimensions: 2.25 inches wide by 1.6 inches deep x 1.6 inches high (56 mm W x 40 D x 40 H)

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