Tiger-skin dollhouse needlepoint carpet kit


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Suitable for those with a little stitching experience

This kit includes 18 count canvas, a colour block chart, detailed instructions, Appletons crewel wool, and a suitable needle. When finished, the stitched area measures 7 x 5½ inches (18 x 14 cm).

Style: Traditional

This one you will either love or hate – there are no half-measures! He’s a cute tiger, very quick and easy to do. The markings are based on a once-living actual tiger that I saw (stuffed!) in a museum, which is why it looks so realistic. The kit uses a unique method for finishing the edge, carefully explained in the instructions.

As this carpet has an uneven edge to it, I recommend Fray Check fabric glue for the finishing of this carpet. You will be offered the option of adding it to your order when you reach your shopping basket