Needlepoint kits in twelfth scale for the dollhouse

Dollhouse needlepoint kits on canvas & gauze. If you can cross stitch, you can needlepoint - and it's quicker, too! Make carpets, wallhangings, bellpulls, cushions, samplers, firescreens, chairs and Christmas stockings. Shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE - on orders over 40 (under 40, post is 1.75 within UK, or £3.50 overseas).

Picture of a dollshouse room with stitched items made from Janet Granger miniature needlepoint kits
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A welcome from Janet


Enhance your doll's house by using my miniature needlepoint embroidery kits to create these beautiful soft furnishings.

Here's where you can get the best dollhouse needlepoint kits available.

Choose from over 200 embroidery kits and charts and enjoy making something unique that will make your dollshouse special.

Learn how to do miniature dollhouse needlepoint